Children of the Mekong (Enfants du Mekong) is an international charity that works with local communities to improve access and quality of education in Southeast Asia.
Founded in 1958, the association is dedicated to educating, training and supporting children and young people whose families are in need in South East Asia. Their main objective is to help improve their children’s conditions and to grow in mind, body and spirit.
In 2019, nearly 22,000 sponsored children and 60,000 supported children can access education, develop and integrate professionally thanks to a team of 120 employees who coordinate more than 1,200 volunteers in France and Asia.


One of the key initiatives to raise funds and awareness in 2019 is to create and sell a cookbook, made of 120 recipes and sold locally in Singapore among different communities.
Not only it helps to cook delicious meals for families and friends, but it also contributes to a marvellous chain of hope that offers access to education to some of the neediest children in South East Asia.
All the proceeds of this book are entirely dedicated to the Enfants du Mekong projects, such as education, health, nutrition, school buildings and the building of medical centres.

Double Digit has been appointed to coordinate the different teams, design, supervise the printing and promote this cookbook.


Scope: Graphic design, printing, digital assets, social media
Client: Children of the Mekong